It's a great idea, which fits a cup on the bottom.

An Industry First

Manufactured in Fort Wayne Indiana, the Party Goer Plate is the first disposable plate with built-in a cup holder.

With its unique locking system, the Party Goer Plate snuggly fits any standard sized disposable 16oz cup, firmly locking it onto the bottom of the plate.

This innovation frees users, for the first time ever, allowing them to hold both the cup and plate together in the same hand at the same time.

No Balancing Acts Required!

The unique locking mechanism not only keeps the plate firmly attached on top, but prevents spills and leaks from happening if the cup is bumped or turned aslant. The plate acts as a natural lid for the cup, keeping drinks where they belong and nowhere else.

Cups can easily be slid in and out, with the system effortlessly guiding them back into position. No awkward popping, clipping, or latching. It just works, and works great.

Sustainable Synergy

Designed with sustainability in mind, the Party Goer Plate is both reusable and priced for one-time-use. Using the maximum allowable recyclable material for a food grade product, we have made delivering a competitively priced ecologically friendly product our top priority.

No cup, No Problem

With a specialize bottom that accommodates the locking mechanism, the Party Goer Plate rests level on any flat surface. Cup or not, this plate is multifaceted and versatile. We believe this is the future of all plastic plates, and that consumers will come to expect a cup holder on the bottom of all their disposable plates.

Shelf Life

Life on the shelf ain't easy. Designed with sustainability in mind, the Party Goer Plate is priced competitively and packaged thoughtfully. Minimizing per unit volume, the Party Goer Plate is designed to maintain shelf presence while efficiently packing into tight shelf space. Simply put, this party star is built to maximize your profitability per unit of shelf area.

Life of the Party

Loved by all and with a myriad of uses and instant appeal, the Party Goer Plate is ready for primetime. Call us today for more information and pricing details.
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